All Bankai Progression in Type Soul Guide (2024)

Bankai progression in Type Soul is the pinnacle of playing as a soul reaper. However, getting there is hard, and the game’s pointer can be quite dubious. So, we’ve prepared a full guide explaining everything you need to do to get your Bankai. Let’s get started, shall we?

Type Soul Bankai Progression Walkthrough

Bankai Progression Stage 1

To complete the first stage of your Bankai progression in Type Soul, you’ll have to participate in and win in either raids, clan wars, or ranked. Karakura Town raids don’t count, so expect this part to be quite time-consuming. The total number you have to win is 13 for raids, 7 for clan wars, and 26 for ranked. I recommend going with regular raids as they are by far the fastest if you have a skilled party.

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If you want to check how much you have left, you can visit the V, Unequaled, Unrivaled NPC in KT. He’s on the poor side of KT, inside a tall barn close to the corner of the map. Ask him, and he’ll answer with a cryptic message. This is how much you’ve progressed based on his answer:

  • 0%: “You will never become anything, compared to what I am.”
  • 20%: “A couple of kills won’t get you anywhere, stop bothering me.”
  • 40%: “Why do you keep coming back? You’re still pathetic.
  • 60%: “Maybe you’re not so bad after all. But I’m still not impressed.”
  • 80%: “You’re quite unbelievable, you know that?”
  • 100%: “Unequaled Unrivaled. Go make me proud, lil bro.”

Bankai Progression Stage 2

The second stage will start as soon as you finish the Stage 1 prerequisites. Now, you’ll have to complete the following quests without dying! If you die, the counters will reset and you’ll have to start Stage 2 all over again (you can check your progress by talking with your spirit). Here are the quests:

  • 80 Hollow NPC kills: You can do this via missions in Soul Society or, like I did, via Division 5 duties.
  • 15 Elite Grade grips: You can do this with a friend, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I suggest you leave this for last.
  • 1 Bawabawa kill: This is the Snake boss in Hueco Mundo. You don’t have to deal the finishing blow; just damage him four to five times, and it should count.

Bankai Progression Stage 2.5

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For Stage 2.5, head to the residential part of Karakura Town and through the tunnels towards the garden. On the plateau in the middle of the area, you’ll find Kisuke standing between two benches. Talk to him, tell him you’re ready and the sword search will start.

There are three swords you’ll have to find, and you can make three errors. Once you click on the wrong sword, floating lines will appear, pointing directly at the location of the next sword. Trust them and you should be able to do it quickly. If you fail, you’ll have to wait one hour to retry it or you can grip a player of the opposing faction to reset the timer (just grip a friend that’s Quincy/Arrancar).

Bankai Progression Stage 3

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After you’ve completed the sword search, you’ll be ready to start the final stage of your Bankai progression in Type Soul, which is a boss fight with your Bankai. Meditate and go talk to your Shikai to start it. The fight is much more complex this time, and Flashstep + Critical cheese won’t work.

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you pop a blue pill and respec a bit into Speed. It will make kiting your Banaki much easier, which is especially important if it’s a Blood Bankai (this one will heal with each landed attack, making the fight ultra-hard). After you’ve beaten it, interact with your Bankai, and a cutscene will play, after which you’ll gain its powers.

How to Use Your Bankai in Type Soul

To use your Bankai powers, equip your sword and press J to activate the Shikai mode. Then, click Ctrl + J to engage the Bankai powers, too, which you can then use with T and G, respectively. If your Bankai meter is empty they won’t activate, so make sure you fill it up by fighting and killing other players/NPCs.

Well, that’s everything you’ll need to complete your Bankai progression in Type Soul. If you need help with anything else in the game, check the Type Soul section of our website. Also, don’t forget to hit that bookmark button to have all these guides just a click away.

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All Bankai Progression in Type Soul Guide (2024)


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