BEST AB WORKOUT to build a V-TAPER (2024)

BEST AB WORKOUT to build a V-TAPER (1)


What are the best abdominal workouts?

The “V-taper” look is actually quite simple to build, but I still think it is important to discuss so today I will be going over the best ab workouts you should be doing to build a v-taper and also the ones that you should be staying away from.

Let’s dive in -

The Crunch

The best ab workout you could be doing for developing a v-shape is any variation of a crunch. My personal favorite is on a roman chair, but if you don’t have one you can just do these on the floor with your feet anchored and a dumbbell on your chest for extra resistance.

When it comes to form, we are bringing our bodies as low as parallel with the ground, never lower, and slowly coming up keeping our core engaged the entire time.

I do 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps.


Planks are another great ab workout for core stability. I only recommend the regular plank variation since most of the other ones involve the use of your oblique muscles which is something we are staying away from here, I’ll get more into that later on in the video.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to do a plank, but if you live under a rock you’re going to come down on all fours, you can either use your forearms or your hands, forearms variation is much harder, and you’re just going to hold while tightly engaging your core.

I usually do these for like a minute or two. It all depends where you’re at, if you need to go for 30 seconds or even 15 just do that.

As for ab wheel roll-outs, I actually really like the idea here and I know for a fact that they can be very effective, but I’m going to be honest here, I never do them anymore.

They’re pretty much the complete advanced version of a plank and they require some significant core strength so I would recommend that you first master the plank if you’re new to this.

For the form, come down on your knees, while tightly engaging core, roll-out as far as you can go without losing that stability and tightness in your core and lower back, then come back, repeat.

I recommend 2-3 sets, 10-20 reps.

From the Bar

Now these are the only ab workouts I really ever do. So first up we have the hanging knee-ups. So grab onto the bar like you’re about to do a pull-up, engage your core, then slowly bring your knees up, repeat. Make sure not to do this movement too fast as this will cause you to be way too jerky and lose all stability.

I recommend 2-3 sets, 10-20 reps.

The only other ab workout I recommend is probably the most difficult to perform correctly and this is the hanging leg raise. I would only do this if you’re quite advanced.

So just like the knee-ups, we are grabbing the bar, engaging our core, and then without jerking your body at all, slowly bring your toes to the bar.

Even I can only do like 8-10 reps of this so again this is for the very advanced person.

I recommend 2 sets to failure.

What Not to Do

When it comes to which workouts you should NOT be doing, these are any movements that are going to be using your obliques. Our main goal is to build an aesthetic physique, which is a small waist, big and wide shoulders, and training obliques will not give you that look.

Now if you wanna look like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, sure knock yourself out. But that is not what an aesthetic physique is.

I’m not the first guy to say this. Steve Reeves was saying this back in the 1940s so this is not a new concept.

This means no Russian twists, no side bends, no hanging cork screws. Anything working the sides of your abs is a no-no.


Your genetics are also going to play a huge role in how your abs appear. I personally don’t have a small waist to shoulder ratio. Also, my abs are stacked which means one side is lower than the other. But, I have still accomplished the v-taper so there’s no excuse.


The last thing I will briefly touch on is your diet. You are never going to have abs if your body fat percentage is too high. That’s just the way it works.

Now I don’t recommend a super low body fat percentage because then you’re not going to feel your strongest, but I do recommend one below 18%.

I don’t know who said “abs are made in the kitchen” but they were spot on.

You’re not going to achieve a 6-pack when you’re eating a bunch of processed bullsh*t.

Eat real food with actual nutrients.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I would highly recommend you check out my full guide to raising testosterone.

Alright guys, as always I’ll see you all sometime next week, peace out.



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BEST AB WORKOUT to build a V-TAPER (2024)


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