How to get Bankai in Type Soul (2024)

One of the strongest pool of powers you can unlock in Type Soul is achieved by getting your Bankai. It is a very long process with a challenging encounter at the end. But if you can do it, you’ll get your Bankai which unlocks some incredibly powerful special moves. Here’s how to get your Bankai in Type Soul.

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How to unlock Bankai in Type Soul

In order to get Bankai in Type Soul, you need to complete a lengthy sequence over several different objectives to obtain your Bankai. It’s a long process, but certainly worthwhile as Bankai is extremely powerful. It’s technically the second upgrade for your Shinigami/Soul Reaper or Zanpakuto weapon, so you need to first obtain Shikai in order to proceed toward unlocking Bankai. Here are all the objectives you must complete to unlock your Bankai in Type Soul:

  • Step one: Get the Shikai, your Zanpakuto’s first upgrade
  • Step two: Complete one of these three challenges:
    • Win 13 Faction Raids
    • Win 7 Clan Wars
    • Win 25 Ranked 1v1 Matches
  • Step three: Complete all three of these challenges:
    • Get 15 Elite Grips
    • Kill Bawabawa or Jindabo bosses
    • Kill 80 Hollows
  • Step four: Meditate to enter the Shikai Realm and fight the Bankai. After you defeat it, you will get your Bankai in Type Soul.

Win 13 Faction Raids, 7 Clan Wars, or 25 Ranked 1v1s

For your first objective, you have three choices in order to proceed towards unlocking Bankai. Here’s your options for Objective 1:

  • Win 13 Faction Raids – Any raids will work, but if you are a Soul Reaper you will most likely want to do Hueco Mundo or Soul Society raids as they are easy to do right now.
  • Win 7 Clan Wars – If you have a premade group that makes Clan Wars a piece of cake, this may be faster than doing the raids.
  • Win 25 Ranked 1v1 Matches – This certainly has a lot more variance than the other two. However, if you’re a PvP god, you can probably win 25 ranked 1v1 matches pretty easily. Otherwise, you’re better off sticking with the other two.

Once you’ve completed any of the previous three tasks, head to Karakura. Head into town and you’ll see two big warehouses on your left. Go to the first warehouse and to the top floor and you will see the NPC V – Unequaled, Unrivaled sitting on the floor. He will give you varying dialogues based on your Objective 1 progression:

  • “You will never become anything, compared to what I am.” = 0%-19% completed Objective 1.
  • “A couple of kills won’t get you anywhere, stop bothering me.” = 20%-39% completed Objective 1.
  • “Why do you keep coming back? You’re still pathetic.” = 40%-59% completed Objective 1.
  • “Maybe you’re not so bad after all. But I’m still not impressed.” = 60%-79% completed Objective 1.
  • “You’re quite unbelievable, you know that?” = 80%-99% completed Objective 1.
  • “Unequaled…unrivaled. Go make me proud, lil bro.” = 100% completed Objective 1.

Get 15 Elite Grips, Kill Bawabawa or Jindabo, and Kill 80 Hollows

As long as you get the “Unequaled…unrivaled.” dialogue, you are ready for the next objective. This objective requires you to complete all three of its tasks, as opposed to just one. Also, if you die at any point during Objective 2, it will completely reset, forcing you to do all three tasks all over again. Here’s what you must do for Objective 2 of getting Bankai:

  • Get 15 Elite Grips – You can get the grips easily by repeating it over and over on a friend of a different faction.
  • Kill Bawabawa or Jindabo bosses – You can find Bawabawa in Hueco Mundo, while Jidanbo is found in the center of Soul Society. Both spawn every 1.5 hours based on in-game server time and will more than likely require a team to take down.
  • Kill 80 Hollows – The easiest way to get these 80 Hollow kills is to go to Soul Society and do the Mission Quest that tasks you with killing Hollow enemies. Repeat this to get all 80 Hollow kills. Player kills do count, but remember, if you die this entire objective resets.

Now that Objective 2 is complete, you have to take an extra step if you are a Soul Reaper looking to get Bankai. Head to Karakora town. Find the tunnel and head through it then turn left and up the stairs. You’ll find an NPC named Urahara. Talk to him and say “I’m ready.” and he will teleport you to a barren area with a bunch of small white swords. The goal here is to collect all of the swords in the right order. If you interact with a sword and it’s the correct one, it will simply disappear and you will see a whisper. If you pick the wrong sword, it will turn red and show a line pointing in the direction of the correct sword. Rinse and repeat until you have correctly picked up all the swords. However, if you fail two times in a row, it will fail and you will have to start all over. Once you’ve collected all the swords, it’s time to complete your third and final objective.

Defeating the Bankai in Type Soul

Meditate to enter the Shikai realm and you will see a Bankai form of what element you are. This can be really tricky depending on what type you are. If it’s a Blood Bankai you are fighting, he regens HP every time he hits you. Therefore, you will need to constantly dash in, do a hit or two, then get out. You cannot get hit by him for pretty much the entire encounter, because if you do, he will regen all of his HP.

Defeating the Bankai will trigger a final cutscene where the Bankai will state “The Blade is Me.” This means you’ve finally got your Bankai. Congratulations, it was a long but worthwhile journey!

All Bankais in Type Soul

There are various different Bankai in Type Soul that you get when you first become Bankai. Some are better at PvP while some are better at PvP, and somewhere are best for utility while others deal more damage. He are all the Bankais in Type Soul:

  • Berserk
  • Blood
  • Confusion
  • Creation
  • Fire
  • Flower
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Shadow
  • Water
  • Wind

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How to get Bankai in Type Soul (2024)


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