Puppy love: bonding and building a strong relationship (2024)

Learning how to bond with your dog and how to get a dog to trust you may not be something you’ve thought about… we tend to take it as a given but bonding with a puppy does take some effort. We’re going to teach you how to bond with your dog and create a puppy connection, for you to make memories together.

Before we begin bonding with your dog and getting your dog to trust you. Have you downloaded the Zigzag puppy training app? It walks you through your pup’s developmental stages and training needs.. It’s tailored to your puppy’s breed type and comes complete with a team of qualified experts, available 24/7 with whatever your pup might be up to!

Why build a strong bond with your dog

So they can mature into confident, independent adults, who also listen to us when we need them to! Puppies need to trust we’ll be there for them, this comes from creating a bond with your dog and teaching your dog they can trust you.

Often owners think if a puppy is too strongly bonded to them, they will develop problems such as separation anxiety. The opposite is actually true. A puppy or dog that is made to feel secure is less likely to suffer from any anxieties.

When is the best age to bond with my dog?

You can bond with a puppy or dog at any age. But bonding with a young puppy and creating that bond from puppyhood is often easier. A strong bond with your dog is essential for a happy and fulfilling life together.

It’s easy to want to rush into obedience or trick training, like playing dead. But building a bond with your new puppy should be a priority from the get go. It sets the foundation for your relationship and future training. Learning how to get a dog to bond with you and how to get a dog to trust you is so important, so don’t skip this.

Building trust with your dog

You will build trust with your dog if you are kind and consistent with them. Puppies love a routine and knowing what to expect. Developing a bond will help your dog learn through not only obedience training, but also in the daily interactions you have with them, creating that puppy connection.

Signs of a strong bond with your dog

Wanting to be with you all, listening to you, wagging their tail when you come near them, wanting to sleep close to you are all signs of a strong bond with your dog. A dog who wants to be with you is a sure sign of a puppy connection!

So how do you get a puppy to like you? check out our article 10 ways to get your puppy to like you. After this, you’ll get some clear signs your puppy is bonding with you.

How to build a better bond with your dog

  • Use food rewards to bond with your dog

The way to many pups’ hearts really is through their belly. If you want to be your dog’s best bud, using rewards and treats is the way to go.

  • Communicate in a consistent way

Show your puppy you’re safe and dependable by being consistent. When they know what to expect they feel more secure, so set up a good routine for eating, exercise, playing and resting.

  • Exercise together

Play together, stay together, right? Exercise is great for you as well as your dog if it’s going for a walk or playing fetch together. It’s brilliant for bonding with a new puppy. Your dog will quickly learn how much fun you are.

  • Offer comfort

Giving your puppy plenty of comfort and reassurance will help your puppy to trust you. It can be tempting, but don’t just leave them to ‘cry it out’, offer all the comfort and reassurance they need. This will help your puppy bond with you.

  • Grooming is great

If you want to give your pup a relaxing massage to help you bond with your dog, then grooming is perfect. Even if you have a short haired breed, grooming will help build and maintain your bond. If your dog enjoys it, then that’s a great sign they trust you and are bonding with you.

Teaching your puppy any new skill, be it obedience or tricks, will help you grow a puppy connection. Puppies and dogs love to learn and impress their teacher. You really can teach an old dog new tricks.

  • Learn to speak ‘dog’

Dogs communicate with body language and focus more on our facial expression and tone than the words we use. Communicate consistently with your dog to reduce confusion and improve your bond. Learn all you can about canine body language, so you can understand your dog more easily, this really will help you bond with your dog

  • Give your pup space

Bonding with your puppy doesn’t equal smothering them! Puppies do not cope well alone, but do need a lot of sleep. Your puppy will appreciate somewhere quiet where they can catch up on some much-needed sleep. Sleep helps them process all the learning they are doing, and that includes learning all about you.

  • Pet and snuggle with your puppy

Puppies and dogs love to snuggle with us….go on, admit it, you kind of love those puppy snuggles too. Physical contact from stroking and cuddling releases all kinds of happy chemicals for both your pup and you and really helps with bonding with your puppy. So go on, you have our permission to snuggle to your heart’s content.

How long does it take to bond with my puppy?

This varies quite widely, so it’s not worth getting worried and putting a timescale on it. Some puppies can take longer than others, for example if they weren’t handled much as puppies or came from rescue. Your puppies’ own personality and temperament will have an impact on how long they take to bond with you.

How can Zigzag help with your pup’s training

The Zigzag puppy training app really does make puppyhood a breeze for you and your pup, and is an easy way to learn how to bond with your dog and how to get your puppy to trust you.. It offers simple to follow lessons specific to your pups breed and age. All lessons use positive reinforcement methods of training – you should always use this if you’re wanting to bond with your dog and get them to trust you.. It’s full of tips, videos and tools to help you. If you get really stuck or confused by your pup’s behaviour, there’s a team of experts available 24/7 to ease your worries and get you back on track.


Will my puppy bond with one person?

Puppies often bond with one person and this tends to be whoever spends the most time with them, feeds them, plays with them or trains them. If you want your puppy to have an equal bond with family members, then make a team effort and share out all the responsibilities, so your puppy shares their love around.

Best age to bond with a puppy?

You can start bonding with a new puppy as soon as you bring them home, they’ll be learning about you, and you’ll see signs that they’re bonding with you. If your puppy is nervous of you or has come from rescue then take your time and go at your pups pace, this is the best way to bond with your puppy. Start off using treats and toss them towards your pup. They will soon learn that you want to be friends.

It’s easy to put too much pressure on ourselves and our pup when bonding with a new puppy. We want them to love us, and put pressure on them to constantly interact with us, sometimes they need a break!

Download the Zigzag app to learn more about bonding with your puppy. If you’re concerned about bonding with your puppy you can ask our professional dog trainers for advice on the best way to bond with your puppy

Puppy love: bonding and building a strong relationship (2024)


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