Restaurant Copycat Recipes - Beauty Through Imperfection (2024)

Eating out is one of our favorite activities for dates, but as you know, the moolah can add up fast! I’m so glad tons of bloggers have put in the work to bring us TONS of restaurant copycat recipes,many of those restaurant dishes and drinks that are your favorites you can now make something similar at home! Let me know which ones you try!

Pancakesinspired by Cracker Barrelby eat pray {read} love: one of the best breakfasts in the south!

Hashbrown Casserole by Made from Pinterest: Another favorite inspired by the cracker barrel.

TheseDonutsby Kiss Recipe are utterly amazing. Can you say melt-in-your-mouth delicious?

Chicken Bryanby All Recipes:one of the best chicken dishes I’ve had in a restaurant, so excited to have it at home too!

Italian Salad Dressingby Frugal Bites:perfect to accompany your Chicken Bryan! (Find another version here by Mommy Savers).

Bread-Dipping Oil by The Two Bite Club: continue your Italian dining experience at home with this divine dipping oil.

Copycat Coleslaw by Mom on Time Out: my husband would love this! He adores coleslaw! (Find another version at Six Sisters’ Stuff)

Biscuits by My Recipes – these are so good and similar to the ones from your fave drive through chicken spot.

Steakhouse Honey Wheat Bread by Food, Folks, and Fun: who doesn’t love a loaf of freshly-baked bread?

Mongolian Beef by Jo Cooks- Chinese takeout is delicious- making it at home is even better (Find another version here by Damn Delicious)

Mac and Cheese by Shugary Sweets- creamy cheese, perfect pasta, what’s not to love? We’re obsessing over this version inspired by the amazing stuff you get at Panera.

Alfredo Sauce by Raining Hot Coupons- one of our favorites for sure.

Homemade Italian Sub Bread by The Baker Upstairs- I always hate spending money on sandwiches at restaurants- now you can make a copycat version at home!

Swedish Meatballs by Damn Delicious- these little tokens of goodness are something we get every time we go furniture shopping.

Rosemary Bread by the Mother Huddle- if bread is good, then bread with rosemary is heavenly!

Monterrey Chicken recipe by This Silly Girl’s Life- cheese atop grilled chicken with BBQ sauce makes a delicious dinner at home.

Barbacoa by Slow Roasted Italian- another favorite of hubby’s- will be making this soon!

Some Pico de Gallo to top your Barbacoa? by My Frugal Adventures

Quesarito by Buns in my Oven, no need to stop by a drive thru, you can make these for your family at home!

Cherry Limeade Recipe by Cents Less- mmm sounds so refreshing for the coming hot summer days!

Crispy chicken by Cincy Shopper – oh my I didn’t need to know this existed! My guilty pleasure!

Crazy Bread by Fabulessly Frugal- perfect little breadsticks and oh so delicious. These would make a great match for homemade pizza.

Beef and Cheddar by Oh Sweet Basil – This has always been a family favorite when we’re grabbing something quick on the way home. Pretty thrilled to be able to make it at home now.

Avocado Eggrolls by Damn Delicious- oh these areto die for, inspired by one of our favorite restaurants ever!

Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipeso tasty, and reminds me of my favorite sandwich shop. by Cincy Shopper

Potato Skins Recipe by Cincy Shopper – I’ve always obsessed over the skins at restaurants, now we can have them at home too!

Express Chow Mein by Damn Delicious – Asian cuisine right from your own kitchen.

Toasted Ravioli by CopyKat Recipes- a delicious appetizer if there ever was one!

Monte Cristo Sandwich by the Kitchen Magpie- mmm this sounds SO good!

Molten Lava Cake by Oh Sweet Basil- definitely going on my “to make” list

cinnamon rolls recipe by Spend with Pennies – Loving that these are so HUGE and delicious!

Skillet Queso by The Recipe Critic – cheese dip served in a skillet has never been tastier!

Ocean Water recipe by Classy Clutter- one of my kids’ favorite drinks

Potato Soup by Ma Nouvelle Mode – so thick this is such a filling and delicious recipe, your family will think you bought it and brought it home.

Texas Butter by Tammilee Tips- is it okay to eat this with a spoon?

Guacamole by Budget Savvy Diva- hands down, they have my favorite chips and guac and it’s CHEAP!

Cilantro Lime Rice by Culinary Hill – I love this is my burritos out of the house, and now you can have it home for burritos or even just straight eating!

Dipping sauceinspired by chickfila –by Stockpiling Moms- drown all the things in this!

go on ahead and make a chickensandwich to go with that sauce! (by Cincy Shopper)

Cheddar Bay Biscuits by RasaMalaysia- just about the best bread there is, I think!

Another favorite inspired byRed Lobster, is this recipe forShrimp Scampi recipe by

Strawberries and Creme drinkby Cincy Shopper – serving these up at home all summer long!

Salad Dressing by Frugal Coupon Living – I love the bottomless salad in the restaurant, but having something similar at home is just spectacular.

Chili by Raining Hot Coupons inspired by the drive thru stuff that we just can’t get enough of!

Frosted Ice cream Recipe by Cincy Shopper- perfect for summer, and inspired by the ones you can grab with your chili!

homemade pretzels by Midget Momma – One of our all time favorite mall snacks. I can’t wait to try these at home.

Sweet tea recipe by Tammilee Tips – because we’re southern and just can’t help ourselves!

Do you have a favorite copy cat restaurant recipe? Which of these would you try first?

Restaurant Copycat Recipes - Beauty Through Imperfection (2024)


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