Roblox Type Soul: Quincy Progression Guide (2024)

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This Bleach-themed battle royale Roblox experience is one of the most popular anime games on the platform. Nevertheless, the game is quite cryptic and somewhat hard to get into. It doesn’t help that newcomers’ cries are unanswered in the official community Discord server. This time, let’s break down the progression and steps needed to become the most powerful Quincy in Roblox Type Soul.

How to Become a Quincy in Type Soul?

In the old Type Soul version, you must die first and become a Lost Soul, then interact with the Wanden Statue to become a Quincy. Thankfully, it’s not that convoluted anymore. When making a new character you’ll be given a selection between Soul Reaper, Hollow, or Quincy.

Obviously, you’d want to pick Quincy. Select the option; you will be transported to a random server and start as a Grade 5 Quincy.


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The Progression of Quincy Grades in Roblox Type Soul

Now, you’ve become a lower member of the spirit hunter — but not a full-fledged Quincy yet. At this point in Roblox Type Soul, you need to progress through your Quincy Grades. Do so by making a Party; press the “Create Party” text on the left side of your screen. Then look for a Mission Board and queue for missions.

In Wandenreich, two Mission Boards can be easily found not far from the castle entrance. One is in front of the castle gate. For the other, from the gate, take a left and then a right until you see two picnic tables on your right. The Mission Board is just across from them.

  • Grinding Mission XP is the first Quincy progression from Grade 5 to Semi Grade 1 in Roblox Type Soul.
  • To progress from Semi Grade 1 to Elite Grade, you must kill Hollow NPCs, get Raid XPs by defeating other players, and Mission XPs too.
  • Don’t forget to invite some friends to your Party to make grinding XP easier and avoid being ganked!

To teleport to Wandenreich, select the “Server” icon on the top left of your screen then press the “W” text. Afterward, just pick any server with a player number and physical location you prefer. The closer the server is to your current location, the less lag you should encounter. And of course, the fewer players that can gang you up, the easier you can farm NPCs for XP and leveling up.

Don’t forget to unlock the Flashstep in the Speed Skill Tree first. It costs 0 skill points and can be accessed through the Inventory/Skill menu.


How To Rank Up Grades in Roblox Type Soul

Unlocking a Schrift

Once you progress to Quincy Grade 2, you can unlock another ability called Schrift. That can be done by speaking to the Balance NPC on top of the Wandenreich castle. After speaking to her, head to the statue across the Wandenreich castle.

When you have reached this point, you must clear these objectives in no particular order:

  • Kill 3 NPC or Player Adjuchas.
  • Kill 5 NPC or Player Menos.
  • Kill 15 NPC or Players Fishbones.
  • Grip 5 Shinigami Players.
  • Grip 5 Arrancar Players.

Interact with the statue at any time to check up on your progress. But note that your progress will be reset if you die during this quest! For that reason, invite and bring backups to your Party. After completing this quest, interact with the statue again to obtain Schrift.


How To Get Schrift in Roblox Type Soul

Unlocking a Volt / Vollstandig

Finally, for the last Volt or Vollstandig skill, you must progress until reaching Elite Stage 1 Quincy Grade in Roblox Type Soul. When you have completed around 25 Raids and become an Elite, meet up with the V – Unequaled, Unrivaled NPC. He can be found in a brown warehouse in the industrial area of Karakura Town.

Depending on your progress, he will say a different quote. At 100%, Unequaled, Unrivaled will praise you, indicating you can finally unlock your Volt skill.

ProgressNPC Quote
0%“You will never become anything compared to what I am.”
20%“A couple of kills won’t get you anywhere. Stop bothering me.”
40%“Why do you keep coming back? You’re still pathetic”
60%“Maybe you’re not so bad after all. But I’m still not impressed.”
80%“You’re quite unbelievable; you know that?”
100%“Unequaled. Unrivaled. Go make me proud, lil bro.”
  • Getting to Elite Stage 1 Grade takes 25 Raids.
  • Getting to Elite Stage 2 Grade takes defeating 100 Hollows, grips 20 Elite players, and 1 Bawabawa.
  • Unlock Elite Stage 3 by speaking to the Balance NPC in Wandenreich. She will test your parrying skill; look up to the sky and press N or block when a beam of light appears. Passing the test will unlock Vollstandig.

That is it, you have progressed and unlocked all your potential as a Quincy! Now go and hunt down the Shinigami and Arrancar that dare to stand in your way.


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Roblox Type Soulis available forPC, mobile devices, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Roblox Type Soul: Quincy Progression Guide (2024)


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