Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends | Ecommerce Fastlane (2024)

Weeks into 2024, the latest fashion trends are becoming apparent. Nostalgia has been driving the trends in the last years, and this time is no exception. The difference with 2024, is an added element of playfulness. We’re not taking things so seriously. If you’re looking for your fashion eCommerce business to grow, staying on top of the latest trends is key.

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Second Hand fashion has hugely risen in popularity this year. This is due to sustainability concerns, as well as price point reduction. Thrifting and vintage fashion stores have taken the spotlight, especially when consumers are aware of the impact of fast fashion on the environment.

Even mainstream fast fashion stores, such as Urban Outfitters have included a vintage section within their store. The rare finds that pop up make all the difference to shoppers. Customers, especially Millennials and Gen Z want to spend money in places that align with their values.

It’s important to make sure that any causes you are working towards are clearly signified in your store. If you are offering secondhand clothing products, advertise this and make it clear why and how you are implementing this.


For a while we’ve seen yoga pants being worn out and about as everyday clothing. Expect this to go even further in 2024, as sporty staples become one of the main fashion trends. For example, track jackets, tees, oversized hoodies and baseball caps are all back in, in a big way.

If your fashion store sells any of these products, it’s a great idea to emphasize and boost these. If your store sells general fashion, maybe a push in this direction could go a long way.

Bold and Bright

2024 isn’t shying away from color. In fact, bright colors are set to be a major fashion industry trend for the year. Colors such as fuschia, yellow and lots of shades of green are taking prominence. Monochrome outfits are also taking center stage, but with a statement color thrown in.

This highlights fashion’s ability to set emotions and moods. Bright colors signify uplifting moods and excitements, which is something we could all use. When it comes to eCommerce; make sure your store follows this theme.

If your products are bright and bold, make sure your homepage and web display is too. If you are using no-code design, then you can make changes to your web design easily and without costly or lengthy back end operations. This means you can stay on top of the trends, keeping your customers happy.

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Genderless Fashion

Moving towards further inclusivity, the fashion industry is moving towards genderless fashion. After all, who defines who can wear what? Everybody should be free to wear what they feel inclined to, and what makes them feel good.

Shoppers, especially in younger generations, are looking to align with companies that don’t reinforce traditional gender norms. Adding more general neutral clothing to your store will give more reach to more people. It’s more inclusive for all.

Accessories Are The Way

Adding accessories to your store is a great way to upsell. Using product recommendations at the end of a buying journey, for example right before the checkout, is a great way to boost AOV. With smart AI recommendations, it’s a great way to improve customer satisfaction whilst at the same time increasing sales.

For example, if someone is buying a dress, offering them a bag or jewelry that will pair nicely with the bag is a great way to add an extra sale on to the end. Accessories can be fashionable, practical and unique. The more inventive and creative, the happier your customers will be.

Social Power

As to be expected, social media continues to reign supreme when it comes to the fashion industry in 2024. Influencers, UGC (user generated content), and brand image and awareness all thrive over social media.

The social proof presented in these ways is unmatched through any other format. Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and X can all provide great ways of boosting trust and sales.

Word of advice; keep your social media presence active, engaging and clear. The more open and transparent you are, the more your customers will engage.


The fashion industry is a huge part of the eCommerce world. Making sure you stay on top of the latest trends is important in order to keep your customers happy and make sure that your sales stay where you want them to be. Taking these 2024 trends into account will definitely help you on your way.

Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends | Ecommerce Fastlane (2024)


What are the fashion trends for spring 2024? ›

As may have been expected, fashion forecasts for Spring 2024 showcased an abundance of florals. Bloom-shaped appliqués were plentiful at Balmain, Loewe and Margiela. There were botanical prints of all varieties: Some were eye popping and vibrant, while others more were dramatic and hyperrealist.

What is the sheer trend in 2024? ›

The Sheer Phenomenon in 2024: A Vision in Transparency

Carolina Herrera and Michael Kors, among others, are championing a movement that leaves little to the imagination. From plaid silk maxi skirts to guipure lace styles and see-through dress trend-defining slip dresses, the message is clear: transparency is in.

What is the fashion trend color in 2024? ›

About the NYFW Spring 2024 Colour Palette

A sweet and mildly tangy red-orange hue, Orangeade has a fruity citrus touch. Desert Flower is a warm and engaging pink whose blooms thrive under the sun.

Are skinny jeans still in style in 2024? ›

The former fit model, who made a living trying on jeans before branching out on her own, has seen fashion peddling jean “cycles” over three decades, and the skinny is on track for 2024. “Equally, high rises are all the rage now, but they are about to get lower,” she teases.

What are the summer colors for 2024? ›

Overall, in the 2024 season, we find fewer bold bright colors and more subdued tones such as the light blue "Chambray Blue," the earthy green "Bistro Green," or the dusty pink shade "Dessert Flower." Even the color of the year for 2024 takes a step back and is yet unusual: "Peach Fuzz" is a pastel peach tone currently ...

Are mesh tops in style in 2024? ›

If you were intrigued by the prominent sheer fashion trend in 2023 but didn't feel comfortable wearing such transparent pieces, 2024 is an excellent time to experiment with more versatile mesh. After all, mesh garments look just as gorgeous as tops, dresses, and even shoes.

How many years do trends last? ›

This rule is known as the '20-year rule', and what it means is that fashion follows cycles that repeat every 20 years.

Are 2000s trends coming back? ›

Fashion trends inspired by the early Aughts have repeatedly returned in recent years, proving that the 2000s just can't be shaken.

Is Hot pink in fashion in 2024? ›

“It's safe to say that 2024 marks the decline of the hot-pink Barbie aesthetic that was so in demand last year,” writes Anna Laplaca for Who What Wear. “Instead, the pink we'll all reach for is a shade we're calling icy blush.” Laplaca calls it a “cool-toned pink” that offers “a barely-there wash of color.”

Is yellow in fashion in 2024? ›

The mellow shade is the perfect neutral to don this season.

Pastel yellow not only overtook the Spring-Summer '24 runways, it dominated the Autumn-Winter '24 fashion shows as well, proving it's going to remain relevant throughout the year.

What are the fashion colors for spring summer 2024? ›

"We found that pastels—such as lilac, butter yellow, and glacial blue—led [spring 2024's] color levels to replace dopamine brights," she says, citing data gathered through the trend forecasting company's color analysis tools. A scrumptious, soft butter yellow top coat from Altuzarra's Spring/Summer 2024 showing.

Are maxi dresses in style in 2024? ›

Midi and maxi dresses are trending this spring—especially those with tiered detailing. "Over the past year, we have seen hemlines grow and midi and maxi dresses become increasingly popular," López says.

Are floral prints in style in 2024? ›

But, as the hardy perennial of fashion prints, florals are back for 2024. So how to make an item that is everywhere feel truly fresh? There were plenty of new takes to consider in the spring catwalk collections, spanning graphic patchworks at Chanel and scaled-up single stems at Alexander McQueen.

What are the Vogue colors for spring 2024? ›

Pastels were key to the spring 2024 collections, but the standout shade among them was luscious lilac. There were violet knitted sweaters and trench coats at Michael Kors Collection, while Masha Popova introduced pale purple denim separates adorned with her distinctive tyre mark prints.

Are jean jackets in style spring 2024? ›

Be it a bomber or a bolero, upcycled or oversized, there are plenty of ways to adopt 2024's multifaceted take on the good ol' jean jacket, with patchwork options available for every budget. All linked products are independently selected by our editors.

Are white jeans in for 2024? ›

White jeans

We're expecting to see more of them than ever in 2024, considering how much they're popping up in street style. They look great with an earth-tone palette (try a black or brown top to keep things simple and graphic) and with all-white everything (including white T-shirts and matching sneakers).


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