Type Soul: How To Get Bankai (2024)

Becoming a Shinigami in Roblox: Type Soul is a coveted achievement, but the real power lies in unlocking your Bankai—the ultimate form of your Zanpakuto.

As a Shinigami, you’ve already accomplished so much, honing your skills and rising through the ranks of the Soul Society. But Bankai is the Holy Grail of Shinigami powers, and obtaining it will open up a whole new world of devastating abilities and strategies.

The first step in your Bankai journey is to carefully consider which of the 13 divisions best suits your playstyle and goals. So, if you’re ready to take your abilities to the next level, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets of Bankai mastery.

How to get your Bankai in Type Soul

Step one: Picking your battle

Before you can even think about Bankai, you must first unlock Shikai, the initial form of your weapon.Assuming you’ve nailed that, you’re ready for the big leagues–Bankai. But hold your horses because you’ve got some hefty challenges to knock out first.

You only need to complete one, so choose based on your strengths:

  • Faction raids (13 wins needed): If you’re a Soul Reaper, this is your home turf. Hueco Mundo and Soul Society are ripe for the picking. Raid away.
  • Clan wars (seven wins needed): Got a solid crew? Clan Wars might just be your express ticket to success.
  • Ranked one-vs-one matches (25 wins needed): Feeling tough? If you’re a PvP champ, this might be your jam.

Step two: Grit and grind

This is the real deal. No do-overs if you bite the dust, it resets your progress. So, stay sharp and tackle these three tasks:

  • Elite grips (15 needed): Best bet? Team up with a buddy from another faction and grind it out.
  • Bosses (Kill Bawabawa or Jindabo): These bad boys pop up every 1.5 hours in Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Bring friends, you’ll need them.
  • Hollow slaughter (80 kills needed): Head over to Soul Society and repeat the Hollow-killing mission. Yes, player kills count. But remember, dying is a huge no-no here.

Step three: The final countdown

Head on over to Karakura Town once you’ve got the wins. You’re looking for the first warehouse on your left. Climb to the top floor and meet V – Unequaled, Unrivaled. This guy’s dialogue changes depending on your progress.

What V has to say

V’s pep talks (or mocks)What it means (progress)
“You will never become anything, compared to what I am.”Barely scratched the surface (zero to 19 percent)
“A couple of kills won’t get you anywhere, stop bothering me.”Getting warmer but still lukewarm (20 percent to 39 percent)
“Why do you keep coming back? You’re still pathetic.”Halfway decent (40 percent to 59 percent)
“Maybe you’re not so bad after all. But I’m still not impressed.”Getting hot (60 percent to 79 percent)
“You’re quite unbelievable, you know that?”Almost there, keep pushing (80 percent to 99 percent)
“Unequaled…unrivaled. Go make me proud, lil bro.”Bingo! You’re golden (100 percent)

Make sure you get the “Unequaled…unrivaled.” line from him. That’s your green light.

Now this part is different depending on your race:

For Arrancars in Type Soul, unlocking Bankai involves navigating through Kisuke’s Resurrection Maze. On the other hand, Quincys faces the challenge of surviving the Vollstandig Trial.

For the Soul Reapers:

  • Find Urahara: Dive into that tunnel, hang a left, then charge up the stairs.
  • The sword puzzle: You’ll land in a mystical spot littered with swords. Your mission? Pick them in the correct order. Slip up twice in a row, and it’s back to the beginning.
  • Confrontation time: After acing the puzzle, it’s time to meditate and confront your elemental Bankai. Tactics are key here. So, strike quick, move quicker.
  • Final victory: Overcome your Bankai, and it’ll crown you with the words, “The Blade is Me.” Congrats, you’ve officially unlocked your Bankai.

Types of Bankai you will unlock in Type Soul

Type Soul: How To Get Bankai (1)

After winning, here are the Bankai types you might unlock, each with its own unique flair and strategic advantage.


  • Blood Legendary
  • Ice Legendary
  • Ink Legendary


  • Flame Rare


  • Berserk Common
  • Confusion Common
  • Creation Common
  • Lightning Common
  • Shadow Common
  • Water Common
  • Wind Common

And there you have it—the roadmap to unlocking the awe-inspiring power of Bankai in Type Soul. Happy gaming, and may your Bankai be swift and your victories swifter. See you in the realms, warriors.

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Type Soul: How To Get Bankai (2024)


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